Live Screenshot Competition Fall 2015 (Applications closed)

Submit your best screenshots here! I’ll pick the top 5 from the likes that each photo got. And the top 5 people are required to submit another screenshot to compete against each other!

1: No photoshop/snapseed/aviary edits. Yes you can crop away the ATC dialog and perform ‘basic’ edits.
2: There must be more than 1 plane there. Duh, is live
3: No name tags and anything similar to that. That’s a must
4: 1 photo per person

Have fun! And Good Luck

Deadline for first round: Nov 22th 2015. Results are out!

Congrats to these people who won the first round!

@JDE1303 with his Singapore group flight photo
@Boeing707 with the 772 landing
@GolferRyan with his parrell takeoff
@Sumith_M’s spotting pic (Congrats bro you got the most likes)
And last but not least
@Steven_Daniel watch the Air India 747 takeoff(My personal favorite out of all 5)

Deadline for second round coming soon!: Nov 30th 2015. Winner will be announced on Dec 1st :).


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Like what basic ones?

I’ll delete the wifi symbol part

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Sure I guess.

Wifi symbol and ATC dialogue could be cropped. Edited

Can we add shading etc?

Taking some screenshots while I am flying now!

Here is my entry:


Good Luck

6 days left

Sure, but not too much

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Try cropping the instruments out


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I’ve tried it but the picture goes blurry I’m going to change the picture a minute

GL! And all of them is depending on likes!

You can’t have name tags


Like this :D


@dush19 ice Job! That looks really nice

Thanks! Appreciated! :)

Airport? I thought Vueling had Doritos.


It looks like that hard one in Malaysia/Singapore region.