Live replay truths

When I tell you, this update even has pilots on the training servers doing way better with instructions, as we now can show opportunities of learning. I was controlling at EGLL, KJFK, and EHAM on the TS and I have proof that pilots can actually listen if given the right clues. Thanks to the community. We will all soar to higher heights. Replay tells the whole story. Great job staff. I’m over joyed. Thanks for allowing my post. Hope it isn’t a repeat. Happy and safe flying to all.

P.S. The new ATC commands rock💪🏼👏👏


What are the new commands if you don’t mind? I read something about a conflict warning. I controlled yesterday and found the order of misc commands had improved but I didn’t have time to read all the way through, it was busy.

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On the new commands what I noticed was the duplicate message button was on the top now and the “expedite” command is now “please expidite”
Both come really handy on the TS
I don’t know which are the other ones.

Well one of them is check runway as well as telling pilots that pattern work is not accepted to either land or divert…those are just 2 of the new commands to name a few

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