Live Replay Spotting Photos

Due to the new “Live Replay” feature, we can now review our flights, also allowing us to now go plane spotting with ease :)

( I don’t think this is a duplicate because the other one is for fails )

Here is my first plane spotting attempt:

Cathay Pacific Airbus A330 landing on runway 25R after a flight from Manila

Airline & Aircraft: Cathay Pacific Airbus A330
Route: RPLL - VHHH
Flight time: 1h 40m
Server: Training server

Feel free to share yours!


Northwest Boeing 747-200 landing at McCarran [KLAS] International Airport

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Sorry bro, as you possibly know, @MishaCamp already had a Oficial IF Photos Thread but closed it a few months ago, and now we are not aloud to make a #screenshots-and-videos thread for other people to post in.

I guess you can keep this open, but I suggest to take away this part of you comment…

Thanks for understanding 👍