Live Replay sharing not working

I’ve been trying to share my replays to people via iMessage and it’s not opening or working. Also saving it to google drive does not work either.

Is there a way to send a replay to someone who doesn’t have infinite flight?

Even when I send it to myself it still doesn’t work.


Replay files can only be opened in Infinite Flight. They are not a video file.

When sending to yourself you may need to press the three buttons and choose “share” or “open in” and then select Infinite Flight to load it.

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So how do to share it to someone? If it’s not a video file, what is the correct way to share it to someone?

You can only share with people who have Infinite Flight on their device.

  1. Export the replay to your icloud / google drive / email the file directly to people
  2. For iCloud or google drive you need to save the export there and then create a share link to give people for that.
  3. The other user downloads the file to their device.
  4. The other user opens the file from the file manager - This will open Infinite Flight and import the replay.

You may need to familiarize yourself with your device’s file system/sharing capabilities before venturing down the IF replay sharing route. Every device is different.

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It worked. I wish there were a better way to send a replay to people. Like if you could send it to someone through the app, not iCloud or Google Drive.
Well thank you Chris!

Glad it worked.

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