Live replay in actual time it was flown

Does anyone else have that problem when they go into the live replays and the time of day is the time your watching it, not the time it was when you were flying it, because I had a beautiful sunset that I wanted to watch the replay and get a picture of but the time is not correct, they should fix this, please

Hi, just go into your settings and set the time. This is adjustable in the Replay settings menu. ;)

Yes I know that but I want the time of day the replay was actually filmed in

Those does not work, it will go to the time of the place when you press replay.

Yeah, and I wish they would have it so when you started your flight, that was the tome your replay started

I don’t think there is any way do do this atm
Edit-just checked the replay guides and it does not mention anything about this

It might not be an issue with the sim at all. I would assume it’s been designed this way so we can make the adjustments to the weather and the time of day/season

Please follow along this topic @Blake_Stephens @Guxk. It is exactly what @Chatta290 said above.