Live renewal error

Hello gentlemen, I am trying to renew my live but it is giving this error, I have already uninstalled twice and it is giving the same error, my original infinite flight app from Google play

Try restarting the app or delete it and download it again or restart your device

I’ve done it twice

Make sure Infinite Flight is up to date in your App / Play Store.

The current version is 19.2 (including hotfix)

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Please do read the topic before posting, thank you.


@Dalmo_Cabral - in addition to what @Kuba_Jaroszczyk already mentioned - what happens if you tap “Error”?

This issue always eludes me a bit on Android… it’s a piece of cake to fix on iOS. But nopesy on Android.

thats mainly google play issue, its happened to me and will probably happen again, its fix itself on its own at some point, i play IF on IOS but purchase Pro sub from my android device cause i use “carrier billing” which is not supported on my IOS device.

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nothing happens. I will try but once uninstall and clear any IF cache to see if it works

I guess my thousands support tickets of experience are wrong then ;)

Could it be your internet connection that does that. Maybe it can’t connect to the server. I would reboot your WiFi router or if your using cellular data put the device in airplane mode for 30 seconds and try again

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