Live problems! Shutting down!

Hi! I have a problem with live! About every 2 minutes, i keep going offlime but carry on in the game but still, i go offline! Is there anything I can di? Please respond! Thanks!

Have you checked your wifi connection?

Edit: Just entered in the expert server and I’m experiencing the same issue.


Its not running good, Ihave the same problem !

check your wifi connection
.restare your wifi if it´s not work try to restar your phone .
i hope it will work good luck.


I have yhe same problem,wifi good,i was controlling and app crashed,after that can’t connect

I have checked wifi, restart, and nothing, I have @ as you see, but not live. 😖

Standby for server reset

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If only we could check by and get updates on how the servers are fairing.

@Jamie_Cooke i think Tom has found the solution (mark him as solution if works).

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Try now. It may be fixed.

Thanks everyone! I am glad that it isnt just me and others are experiencing
the same problem. Please post more if you get any more info on ways to
solve this! Just checking, did everybodys work fine when they first bought
it and then it stopped? Thanks!

I lost all contact with atc and didn’t see any aircraft onradar. connection was yellow, but I then got on ts1 . expert easy the issue for men

Hi! Make sure you have good WIFI signal,try restarting you’re device and try again if it doesn’t work ;)

That specific server issue has been resolved. :)