LIVE problem

When I was playing Live, instantly the app came out on its own, and I could not continue playing live again. How to solve that problem ??

Hi there,

Could you provide a little more detail for us so that we can better understand the situation here. Many issues are resolved by a device and app restart or by Updating the app from your App/Play Store.

-Include your device and OS.
-Provide a screenshot and video of the situation.
-Do you have the latest Infinite Flight update?
-Have you tried restarting your device and app?
-Reset your router regularly to keep things fresh.
-Keep your devices RAM free for Infinite Flight by closing all background apps.

Thanks, Chris

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i use xiaomi redmi note 4
i have the lates update

If you can’t get into the server then follow the recommendations I provided above.

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this happens if I fly over 3 hours

If restarts aren’t resolving this then I recommend that you delete the app and reinstall it. Make sure you have a stable internet connection as well since internet connectivity is key here with Global.

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