Hey, I’m a little confused. If I were to buy a live+ right now, when the update comes out would I automatically be exchanged to ‘Pro’, or would I have to pay more to get all the features?

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Just listen to the podcast! Check the pinned topic too. It’s easy mate. Just read.


Buy it 😉 you won’t be disappointed!


You would automatically get pro

may want to check the announcement the devs made

You will automatically be upgraded until your sub runs out :)

But from what I heard on the pod, it sounded like I’d get the globe and stuff, but would only be able to takeoff and land in the regions I already have

If you buy live+ rn you will save around $30.

On live you will be able to fly round the work with live pro on solo if you don’t have live you won’t be able to

This includes if you buy live or live+ now they will both last till your sub expires but you will only get all the aircraft with live +

From the IFC, (and this is to everybody) listen to the interviews and podcasts.
If you are unsure, or have a question, listen and listen carefully, you will get your question answered.
If your question is not answered, (which is highly unlikely), then ask the community about it.

Thanks 🙏


@Etrain Please just read the post instead of making new topics.

Have fun!