Live Pilots

Hello everyone! I just wanted to add something. I wanted to add Live Pilots.
Instead of them just sitting… staring… giving me nightmares
I wanted to them to act like there really doing it.
And that is what I wanted.
737 EMERGENCY no flap landing
This thumbnail was from my video. Yes… don’t stare at it too long…

This would be a nice feature, but it would take the developers a bit of time to do this since they are implementing other features. It would also cause lag problems on some devices. But I would like to see this someday. Just not now.

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It certainly would be cool but I’d prefer the devs to focus on getting more aircraft in the game, clouds, lights, 3d buildings, etc.


Can’t… Stop… Looking…

Actually this would be nice. Dropping a vote.

Don’t forget to vote for your own request.


I don’t know how this’ll be executed. I figure it will be extremely difficult to program.