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I’m planning to buy live but I don’t know if i pay 5$ every month or just for one month?

Every month. Live+ is the yearly option which is roughly £40.


No, it shouldn’t. He isn’t having problems within Infinite Flight.


Hy dear,

It’s very easy I’ll help you. There’s two available subscriptions, one called Live One Months and the second called Live + One Year.

Live one months is available for a months only after that you’ll be not be able to use live.

Live + is available for a year, please note that if you subscribe to this plan, you’ll have access to all airplanes and all regions.

Live One Months cost 5$
Live + One year cost 48$

Please note that each amount may change to your local currency

If you choose to buy a plan, one your subscription will finish, you have the choice to buy again or not. If you use an android device you’re plan will be automatically renewed but you have the possibility to stop that.

If you have an Apple Device, your subscription will not be renewed automatically.

Very last thing, if you buy a live subscription you’ll be able to fly in live with all planes around the world, and you’ll be able to be an Air Traffic controller and more.

If you have any further question, please let me know.

I wish you an amazing day/night.


Thx for amazing answers, might comeback later with some questions :)

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I just wonder, when the subscription expires on live+ will I still have all the planes and regions or will that also be removed?

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With Live + once the subscription runs out you lose everything and you only keep what was purchased before enrolling the subscription. As with the monthly option it’s only for one month and you buy it again each month so it’s not auto renewing. I would recommend getting a month or 2 to ensure you like it then purchase Live +. Hope this helps

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No, 5$ payment is just for a month and if you want to renew it, you could just buy it again.

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It’s cheaper to buy it from the infinite flight website, all you need to do is sign in then it should be just in front of you.

Hy Max !
Thanks I appreciate! Have an amazing day!

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