Live or solo will not load, I cant log in

I have full bars but live will not load up. I have been on that screen for 30 minutes.
-Ipad pro
-Global Update, Boston Logan Airport
-have restarted infinite flight and my device many times

sorry if this has been asked before


Yeah I flew in the morning but for some reason I can’t either

I have had this issue as well - I guess the servers are being maintained or something

Currently getting the same problem

iPad mini 4

I cant even log in now…

I dont think it is the servers this time. I’m online currently got a good server connection but weather, API and User account are a bit in and out

As I have replied in 2 other topics (lol), this is a server issue as 5 people in my VA have reported it as well as some friends on discord

Solo doesnt even work now…

Server issues mate… sucks I know

Your guys too? I’m gonna cry.