Live or Planes?

I’ve some money to spent on IF, €10 - €15. Should I spent it on my first month of live? I love IF but i never really bought live. Should I buy the C-130 of a 787? Should I wait for the DC-10? I already have:
What should I buy?


You should get Live, if you like it a lot and have enough money get Live+


Live, absolutely, it’s great. Air traffic controlling is awesome as well!


OK, that seems a nice plan… What about airplanes? They only cost €5 and offer a lot (4K res and opening doors on the C-130…

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OK, that seem clear: one month live. Any ideas about the planes?

The planes (potentially) last forever

Live or plane [poll public=true]

  • Live
  • Plane

This should help you make your decision.


How do you make a poll?

When replying there is a settings icon above where the text appears click on that and press insert poll.

787 has wing flex the c-120 doesn’t but it can open doors and land on short runways stol and other stuff


Here is how you do it


Hope this helps you out😀

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So you guys say I have to buy live and the C-130 and than wait for another month of live?

Thanks for the poll instructions![poll max=2]

  • Yes
  • No

Or if you want, you can get Live+(12 months of live and all airplanes & regions for $49.99)


This is a good choice only if you have the money.

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Definitely go for live. If you can afford it, go for Live+.


Even if you can’t afford it go for live+. It’s amazing, plus all the future updates in the next year will be free, so you will save on that too ;)


Do yourself a favor and try to save some money and get Live+!
It is so worth it.


Thanks for all the replies! I’m sure this is going to be al lot of fun, flying in live. Some questions: which servers am I allowed to fly on? Is the advanced server locked? Can I fly without people interrupting my flight “for fun”?Why does everybody love the citation X?

When you start you will be able to fly on casual - a free flight server with no rules. And a Training Setver 1 which rules are inforced and violations do apply, you also get more XP to upgrade to grade 2 then to grade 3 and so on. The advanced server requires grade 3. The advanced server and the training server generally don’t have people who interrupt your flight.😀

Happy Landings!

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