(Live on YT) 03/04APR21 / 1800Z - FIDAE Airshow @SCEL


Source: fidae.cl

Bienvenidos to this event! We hope you like it :)

About the event:

FIDAE is the biggest Airshow in Latin America, based in Santiago de Chile, it brings from the most unusual planes to big planes like the A350 or even the A380. Not also planes, also military equipments and aircraft systems. In this event, we want to bring it into the Sim, as due to the pandemic it will not take place in this year. So… why not do it in Infinite Flight?

Let’s let everyone to show their tricks and have fun! ✈

Event details:

Server: Casual

Airport: Santiago de Chile Intl. Airport (SCEL)

Date and Time: 2021-04-03T18:00:00Z and 2021-04-04T18:00:00Z

Runway in use: 17L

Event Schedule:

April 3, 2021
Commercial Planes

Time Aircraft Performer
1800Z Inaugural Flight @IFChile-SpeedbirdCL @IFChile-Benjita-TIF
1815Z 787-8 @Will_M
1825Z 787-9 @IFChile-Benjita-TIF
1835Z A318 @DabOnIF
1845Z A330 @DabOnIF
1905Z A350 @IFChile-SpeedbirdCL
1915Z 737-900 @Zenaida_Montanez
1925Z 747-400 Occupied
1935Z 757-200 @bbrockairbus
1945Z 777-300 @MKT
2000Z 787-10 @Stick_theLanding

April 4, 2021
Military Planes

Time Aircraft Performer
1800Z C-17 @Will_M
1815Z Spitfire @Aviation108
1825Z C-130J @Stick_theLanding
1835Z KC-10 Extender @IFChile-SpeedbirdCL
1845Z F-16C @IFChile-Benjita-TIF
1905Z F22 @CaptainAli_yt
1915Z A318 @DabOnIF
1925Z A-10 @IF_Josh
1935Z TBM9 @bbrockairbus
1945Z F/A-18 @Will_M
1955Z F22 Occupied
2015Z Final flight TBA

More information

If you want to participate you can send me a PM or reply to this post, everyone is welcome :)

If you want to use another plane that’s not in the list in your perfomance, no problem, just tell me to change it! ✈

A PM will be created to organize the event and talk of whatever 📩

If slots are full and you want to participate, you can contact me to add more slots.

And finally, if you have any doubts or ideas feel free to message me. 💡


I’ll take this spot :)

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Amazing! I just added you

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This looks exciting. Sign me up. Although if its not a problem. I’d love to fly the 777-300

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No problem at all, do you want a specific time?

Any time would work. :)

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Can I do the A-10 please

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Sure, welcome to the event!

Do U know what time it is in EST I could Probably record

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That would be great! It’s at 1400EST

so 2:00 PM I will see if it will work out

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I’ll take the beauty.

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Alright, it’s yours 👍🏻

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can I switch and take the c-130j

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this thanks

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Sure!‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎

Thanks so much

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Signed up! Welcome to the event

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Can I fly the F18 please? Also what’s the final flight?

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Sure! In a couple of days we will decide the final flight :)

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