Live on non global devices

Can the ability to buy live on non global devices be put back into IF because my device is incompatible with global but I still want to do live flights with people in my VA. I don’t see this being hard to do as the live servers are still working the only thing that does need added is the ability to buy it.

I think the problem is that even if they’d activate that again that you’ll be only able to play with people that don’t have Global as well. And there are not a lot of people left, are there?

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Im not bothered with haveing busy servers I only really want it for a few people.

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Definitely not going to happen. Just stating the facts.

I really understand you, I do.

I think those servers aren’t lucrative anymore though. They can’t shut them down yet because there are still some people with the old Live subscriptions around. I think they’ll shut those servers down as soon as those people are gone as well. It’s expensive to keep those servers up and with so few players left, I don’t think it’s worth it anymore. As hard as this sounds. But maybe I am wrong here

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How much would it cost though I don’t see it being a loss for them.

Running servers cost a lot of money, I don’t know the specific number, but I know they cost a ton of money to run.

Unless your want to fund those servers, I don’t see them coming back.


Also the hype revolves around global, if regions came back not a lot would purchase those tiny region, compared to a gicantic globe.

The possibilities flying in a globe is endless, but flying in a tiny square has limitations.

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It would cost a lot for FDS for something which would only be of use to very few people. As much as they want to help everyone it wouldnt be cost effective i doubt to bring this back.

My only suggestion would be to try and get a new device which is global compatible.

If amazon devices don’t get global then they would use it surly

I believe that your device is incompatible not mainly because of the Global world, but also the updated graphics requiring more RAM and better prossesors to function. As stated earlier the best would be to get yourself a compatible device.
Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I would also suggest getting an iPad for Global, I’m sure future updates from FDS will be supported by these iPads.

I would suggest the newer 2017 models, or even the late 2016 iPad models. And I know yes, iPads are expsenive, so I linked down refurbished iPad models.

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I will look into that but im short of money so thats why im requesting this.

All IPads newer than generation 4 is compatible with Infinite Flight.

What about Ipad minis.

Yes iPad minis are compatible with Infinite Flight.

But, I don’t the think you’re able to run full graphics with it. But it’s still a good choice if your on a lower budget.

I personally think you’re just gonna have to settle on this, it’s either buy a new device or don’t play Infinite Flight.

As said many times, I don’t see regions coming back.

All compatible devices.
This would be all compatible devices for both iOS and Android.

We’re moving forwards, not backwards. :)