Live on Multiple Devices

If I buy a Live subscription on an iPhone for a FB account, am I able to restore it onto an iPad on the same FB account?

Are you asking if you can use the same live account on a different device?

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Yeah, so if an iPhone and iPad were logged onto the same Apple ID and FB account would I be able to have Live on both devices?

Yes it is possible if IF was bought in the same Apple ID. It is against IF terms of service to control or fly on both devices at the same time.


Ok. Not that I’d ever do it or even have the time to, what would happen if you used both at the same time though?

Not gonna work. You’ll get a message saying “There’s an active user using the same account.”


Not quite sure. Maybe a XP resest. You would have to ask a staff member that one.

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@IFGPCannedPlacebo @Riley Thanks so much :)

Yup, and if you’re looking to restore purchases, click the “Restore Purchases” button on the right bottom corner of aircraft selection.

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You can’t fly on one account I’ve done it before

I use my Samsung tablet for the main majority of flying it backed up my XP and everything once it logged in via Google.

I use my phone when at work to grab a few more air miles :)

Never used both at same time… only one set of eyes XD

Hope this helps :)

Loving Live+

You can’t fly on live loved itmo the same account on a different device

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