Live Not Working ?

why is my live not working??

my wifi logo is red and it wont load on live??

What wifi modem

Im on my cellular data and its not working since yesterday

Fully turn off your device

And turn it back on

OK ill try that

still not working.

what is going on with Live??!!!

Check your network thing

im on cellular, and it always works

Check you network provider

It connect all the way until the flight

when i get to flight thw wifi logo is supposed to be green mine is red

why its disgusting that a pay for live when it doesnt work

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Log out of IF.
Restart your device.
Log back in.

Try other wifi.

Live works BEST with wifi! I recommend using wifi when you fly on Live because if you play on cellular data, you might have to pay a lot for your carrier. Secondly, Live connects to wifi better than cellular data. I use wifi to fly on Live, and I’m sure other pilots in the community uses wifi more than cellular data too. If the problem persists, please PM @david

Btw, welcome to the community :)


Please try to be a little more descriptive. Include:

-Device type
-Device version
-Any device modifications
-Any steps you’ve tried prior to this

Screenshots are always welcome, and are often very helpful.

From what I’ve read, this sounds like an internet issue in your end, and not a server issue as nobody else has had this issue.

Try a few simple troubleshooting things such as:

  • Restarting your wifi router
  • Trying a different internet
  • Contacting your service provider
  • Turning airplane mode or wifi on/off in your device settings
  • Restarting your device
  • Testing on a separate device
  • Deleting and reinstalling the app
  • Etc

Its your device not live.

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