Live name not changing

As you may know, I recently changed from ElpoDaKing to @Aussie_Cockatoo. So I also had to do this in live. But it fails no matter what new name I put down.
IPad Pro
IOS 10
Latest version

When you say fail, does it not change or an error message comes up?

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I think the problem might lies on the :

  • Underscores
  • I think the developers have banned some words for the username. Including “Cock” on the “Cockatoo”

I have tried Aussie_Cockatoo, AussieCockatoo and AussieSingapore. Only AussieSingapore works even though it’s longer than AussieCockatoo

I tried to use Sing_apore display name and it’s also marked as invalid. I believe underscores are also not allowed


An error message come up


Dang, that means I’m stuck with my old username or I could change it to something else more ridiculous. Hopefully @Henrik @Carson or @MishaCamp or another will help me change it. 😔


Thanks for assisting!