*Live @ MYNN* (TWR) on Expert Now!

Hello everyone! 2 hours from now I’ll be doing my first live stream controlling on the expert server. The livestream will be streamed via YouTube and I’ll post a link to the stream closer to starting time.

I will also have a chat available throughout the stream. This is a great opportunity for anybody to ask questions regarding controlling or to see what it’s like to be a controller on the expert server. I’ll try to get to as many questions as I can.

Feel free to stop by at any point during the stream or fly into wherever I’m controlling! Will be streaming for at least an hour if everything goes to plan :)


Sounds like a great idea and a great way for aspiring IFATC to learn from experienced controllers!

Out of curiosity: Where?

I’ll definitely be watching.I might get some tips to help me with my practical

This is very interesting! I am willing to watch the livestream soon.

How long will you stream?

Not quite sure yet, but somewhere busy enough to keep everybody engaged.


He just mentioned that… @Abudy

Sadly I sleep at that time.

That’s the goal! Hopefully a lot can be learned just by observing and the commentary I’ll be doing. We’ll see how it goes after this first stream and maybe I’ll do more if people find them entertaining and informative.


I’ll be watching !!! Great idea!!! This is an awesome way to learn and see IFATC in action live and handling situations live

Interesting cant wait. Thinking about applying for IFATC in the future but watching this live stream will give me inside on what IFATC does best.

Got a link?

We’re live!


Awesome, just started watching! Great idea btw

Where is the aforementioned chat?

@Aaron.C you’re on his stream :)

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How do you chat on YouTube?

Pressure was on not to crash this time 😂

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Lmao you read my callsign wrong

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