LIVE: Metar - Clouds & Visibility

First of all:
I searched the database for threads about this, but to no avail;-) , If I have overseen something I apologise in advance.

here is the problem:
I flew a couple of long hauls on LIVE (Expert server) on my iPad PRO.
I got the all the different & changing winds, but I never get an overcast or cloudy situation or reduced visibility even though the metar and the general weather conditions at the airport (I checked the real metars) would require it.

I then checked the “green” Light for weather updates on live.
I set everything to high with regard to the settings (Graphics).
I have a strong WLAN with Highspeed Internet
I have a large iPad Pro and no other apps open (so it is not a memory problem)
So systemwide everything looks good.

What am I missing?

Thanks for help!

the reason I am asking is, that before the new GLOBAL LIVE, so to say in the “old” LIVE days there were real “IFR” conditions (Visibility, Clouds), so I expected it to be the same in the new format. I just want to make sure, it is not my fault?


There is a specific ceiling in which the fog prevails. This can be seen by only seeing a whitel Ayer cover terrain. Fog is rare at cruising altitude :)

That’s my deduction about the situation

No need to apologise. We all make mistakes and we are all here to help each other.



oh, I am not talking about cruising at FL 400;-)))))

…but I flew today into an airport that currently has an overcast situation in real live with a low ceiling.
Also on the initial descent over EHAM into Germany, this area of Europe is currently under a thick cloud layer in real live.

…LIVE showed no cloud coverage at all and visibility from pole to pole;-)

So this brings me to the general question:

Is there such a feature (cloud layers and reduced visibility) in Live at all?

Fog should be active if the area has low visibility. I think try to reinstall the app and try to fly to similar visibility conditions. If it doesn’t work then contact a moderator :)

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Shouldn’t this be in #support category?

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