Live login Crashes

Ever since i updated to the new virsion of the Infinite Flight, I can’t login to google because it crashes my game everytime i hit login. Anyone know a way to fix this or to login?

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I have the exactly same problem :/

Could you please state what device you have and the specifications. Thanks :)

whats the things i need to list?

What device you are running IF on, System (Android or Apple), version of the system, etc.


Could you tell us what you’ve tried?

For example, have you tried;

  • Restarting your phone and refreshing app.
  • Redownloading the app.

If you have, make sure your storage is at a suitable amount to leave space to run Infinite Flight as well.

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I have tried
Restarting my device
Uninstalling and Reinstalling the app
I have tried Clearing the app data

And nothing seems to fix the problem

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Ok. Could you give us info as to what device you have?

Device: LG Sunset
Model: LGL33L
Android Version: 5.0.1
Build Number: LRX21Y

Yah I am having trouble as well. My android tablet is
Device: LG G Pad F
Model: LG-V495
Android Version: 6.0
Build Number: MRA58K

Both LG? Ok, that seems strange. I can’t take this any further, I’m puzzled. Let’s see what the other community members can contribute to try and help you guys out.

yea. im bummed out cause of it

@MIGVISION That doesn’t sound like a problem with your device, more like a Google authentication problem. Best course of action is most likely to wait, as Laura either will be working to fix it or will be alerted very soon.

okay so i did something that seems to work. what you want to do is tap on the login then when the screen pops up hit the back arrow on the top left, then it will say connecting but just hit the back button on your device. then go back into the play online and tap on login back then the method you login then tap on the account and it should say connecting so give it some time then it should log you in.

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Yah still isn’t working for me every time I hit the back arrow on the top left it crashes. Best option to wait? Anyone think so?

what’s your login method?

@fdsoldier same here it crashs always

I essentially open the app go to play online and try to log in through google. It takes me to the google log in screen I put in my information and press log in and then it crashes. Other thing I do is go to play solo go to the top right corner to log in and do the same thing in adding my info then pressing log in and it crashes. I’ve tried your solution and as soon as I press log in through google then click the back button in the top left it crashes. I say we just wait.

is it asking you to put in the password of the account? because if its not as soon as you hit google login and it open up a choose an account page just hit the back button on the top left corner

It asks for my password immediately