Live log-in issues

Sorry tried to put this in support but for some reason the topic selection keeps jumping about the screen on my iPad so feel free to re-classify for me.

Any one experiencing “server issues” when the app is asking to re-log in with facebook? Keeps saying connecting to server then an error message appears tried rebooting and reinstalling but still the same message…annoying much!


I am experiencing this

This has been happening to me for the past day also. My device is an iPhone 6 running iOS 8.4. Sometimes my phone connects to live and sometimes it doesn’t.

at the moment i have the same, i redownloaded it and restarted my device but it doesnt help

Not very good it’s happening more and more and getting frustrating when I have and annual subscription and can’t bloomin play. I is bored with this issue already.

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Found a solution click on you name in top right and it sign you in straight away

Moved to support.

I can’t log into live either. It trys to connect but can’t. Wifi in house is working fine because I am using it to write this. Also face book looks to be working so authication seams be be working though.

I have also restarted and reinstalled the app and I checked and my year subscription is still active with more than 4 months left before I need to renew.

Please let me know what I can do or if it’s a wider problem.


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Try powering down and power up, it should connect straight away, I Donna what’s reason, maybe to do with some caching…

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Tried that but did not work. However I check back after 30 min. But I am back up and flying. ✈️

Did you guys find anything to fix this I’m also currently experiencing this.

Just give it time. The issue will be resolved

Ok thank you very much it ended up working :)