Live Log in issues

Hello guys.

Lately I’ve been receiving this message that says I am experiencing issues connecting to the server. Problem still persists and is an on going thing. Sometimes it’s all fine but sometimes it’s not. I also have a stable internet connection.


Device info:
iPad Air 2 64GB
iOS 9.3
Latest IF Update


Its happen to me 2-3 days ago, i’ve restarted my device and IF ran perfectly.

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I have also tried that. Problem still continues.

Right, after having a developer go through my diagnostic link, I was informed that it was our network not being able to establish a communication with the DNS.

This being said, I’ve also this evening been waiting for 2 hours for it to fix itself. This is driving me crazy, is there a way to fix this? It’s been happening most nights to me.

I’m paying for live and I can’t even use it, so I need to find a solution.

And before anyone says device issue, let me stop you there, it happens across 3 different devices and across 2 different app versions, I know this is a network error, all I’m requesting is hopefully someone has an answer…

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