Live / Live+ question

So I’ve got a question about the Live and Live+ prices.

Live+ costs 54,99€ which is ~ 64$ in Germany
But in the US Live+ costs 49.99$ which is ~ 42€

So shouldn’t Live+ cost 42€ In Germany/ Europe? 🤔

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Taxes. The price of 49.99$ is exclusive of taxes.

Google/apple’s higher currency conversion rate is a cause as well.


For example:

1 USD is ₹63.84

All these in app purchases cost USD 4.99, should cost me ₹318.562, but it actually costs me ₹400! Blame apple’s dumb exchange rates on this case… :)

Hope this helps.
You can alternatively use Infinite Flight | Carry Your Passion to renew your sub


Thank you, it’s actually not that big of a deal , I was just wondering because I wanted to renew my Live+ haha.

Is it possible to pay with an iTunes card on the website?

Yeah - nup. iTunes cards are for the App Store. You have to pay there with card

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