Live Labels

Do you guys use the names while flying live? (airplane names/dots)?
I like leaving them off for realism but at the same time I like seeing info on other aircraft around me! What do you do?

I leave them on.

I only have names on.

I keep the “boxes” and names on. Particularly useful when at a busy airport so if not all the planes are downloading in time you can avoid running someone over!

I have them off all the time. The only way I noticed Misha was parked next to me once was because I had live flight pulled up on my computer 😂

I have them on always.

I usually have them on just for the sake of it. Never had a good enough reason to turn them off 🤷🏼‍♂️

Funny story: In the SoCal region, pre global, I looked up to see a bunch of stars… that were actually plane dots.


I leave them on because sometimes it can become an issue on very busy servers where you dont know where the aircraft in front of you is, or just in the sky and wonder where the nearest aircraft is.

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Leaving them off is nice if you’re flying near a busy area and want to take in some views, but having them on while sitting on the ground is cool, seeing airplanes and everything move and you can see their callsign and display name, but remember if you post pictures on the forum make sure you remove the dots and tags of players:))

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I can see where this is going… That one photo. But yes whenever I take a photo in IF it is always in replay unless a cool and once only Phenomenom that you won’t catch in the replay I’d screenshot. Or just people being idiots on live 😂

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All off except loaded (fully displayed) aircrafts.
Couldn’t bare all those white patches in the landscape, even-though the aircrafts are on the other side of the Alps.

Alternate back and forth to find what your comfortable with. Eitherway

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