Live keeps disconnecting

Live keeps disconnecting when playing. The wifi symbol turns from green ti orange, and then after around half a minute, it becomes green again. I only have this problem in the evening, not in he morning or afternoon. My wifi is still pretty quick on my browser and other apps though.

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Then you have connection problems. Call someone to check it.

It works fine for everything else, including safari and other apps connecting to wifi.

Try restarting the app when it happens

Still does it. 😕

Move this to #support please.

Sorry about that.

Also, after it has done it a few times it says that it cannot connect to my account and puts me offline. 😞

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When I see that title, I can only think of a router that pulls his own plug out everytime you put it back in. The legends says it’s still happening.


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Casual doesn’t disconnect, works fine.

On,y TS1 disconnects

Try this.

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Maybe it’s because lots of people are on since the 787 update?

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Okay, thanks.

Nope, didn’t work. I can connect to live and start it up, however it keeps showing wing the orange wifi symbol. 😞 Also, only TS2 keeps disconnecting. , try testing your ping time, that might be the culprit.

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Ping is 31

I think that it is because of all the aircraft, TS2 works well.

I’ve been able to connect with 1000ping 😂

Oh no, I can’t imagine the lag.