Live Instruments Issue

I’ve posted here once before, but it was never resolved. I am still having the rendering/glitch issue like the instruments are getting electromagnetic interference. See pic for reference. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 with latest build, Android 9.1, and have already uninstalled and reinstalled.

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Does changing the rendering quality and those settings help at all? like the graphics settings or no

No. It still does it.

Does it happen on the whole A320 family and is it active in the other cockpit views?

Yes. 19,20,&21. Yes. It does it whether in Captain or first officer.

When in doubt, restart the device and see if that helps

Been there, done that. Didn’t fix it. 😂 Am I the ONLY one who has this issue? I mean it’s not a terrible problem, but annoying still none the less.

I get this issue as well as flickering when i would approach an airport which was full of other aircraft.

Edit: i remember your old thread.

No more was said other than this:

Possibly a corrupted download? Try reinstalling Infinite Flight.

I believe this is an issue for Android users. I get it regularly too, but ignore it.

Yep. I wasn’t able to find my old thread otherwise I would have posted it there. And you are correct they said a fix was on the way but that was 2 months ago I believe. Anyho, thank you everyone for confirming I’m not alone.

Is it still currently active? From what I have heard they released 19.03.03, with maybe some possible fixes.

Xcub and A320 series still have this issue.

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