Live instruments glitching

I get a testing message (something like that) which says max 40 seconds but stays for minutes. Only goes when i randomly press a load of the instrument setting buttons after a while. Not sure if thats intentional or not either.

I think it may just be a cold start 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

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I have never seen this problem on my iPad for the A320 family. But I also remove airplane names and dots in my settings, so this could work. My graphics settings are also medium


For Android, it’s a known issue. There’s a long, not so funny technical explanation to it. But it has to do with how Android handle things under the hood that are not quite as we want it :)

We’re aware of it and hopefully will be able to include some improvements to this for 19.4


Thanks for help look foward to this next update👍

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Thank you @schyllberg

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