Live instruments glitching

IS any one else experiences with the A320 instruments glitch.

Does this flickering thing thought the use.

And yes I’ve uninstalled, restated my device and cleared the scenery cache but it still glitches.

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This is a normal bug that I experience on a daily basis.

Maybe it’s a bug or it is intentional, whether or not, I prefer the little glitches at it makes it a tad bit more realistic in my opinion.

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I’m no expert, but it kinda looks like the font or something has just turned into blocks /=. Can’t help, not a clue… Storage space maybe?

Realistic? This would happen on a real aircraft.

I highly doubt it would happen in modern aircrafts after some updates but remember, it was my opinion so I just enjoy it sometimes.

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Hello @Hendrix_Ruka

Which kind of device are you using?

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Well, I use the family A320 every day, and that happens when an aircraft appears near you

I’m currently using a Samsung note 9

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@Gabriel_f - are you on Android too?


Personally it annoys me, try and take off and land and then this glitch interrupts me. End up having to fly in the default camera view.

Yes, I have friends who simulate that they have the same problem, it happens on Xcub too, every time someone appears to you within 3nm the airplane screens flash and the IF crashes until the other aircraft appears completely

If you disable Airplane names and Airplane Dots the locks decrease

I already do have this setting disabled

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I am using a samsung s9+ and the instruments flicker in the A230 series and Xcub all the time.

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I never tried, but I think you can leave the airplane screens off, and the IF will not crash, but then loses the fun of the simulation

It happened to me when I put on the master and I leave the cockpit and view and comeback to it. So now when I put the master switch I do my flight plan staying in the cockpit view.

Hope it helps

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I’ve put up with this since the realise but now I’m triggered😂

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We are all working round the problem not dealing with it itself.

I’ve noticed

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