Live Instruments Glitching

I’m still having my instruments screen glitch while on the ground, on take off, and final approach. But when I’m cruising I get no glitches. I have cleaned cache, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, restarted several times and it still does it. This happens even at empty airports.

Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Tablet: up to date

Android OS: 9

Graphics: High / High

Plane Count: Very High

Anti-Aliasing: Off

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I believe this should be in support, not features. @schyllberg ??

I switched it. Thank you for catching that.


No problem someone should help you soon. Very smart of you to include all that information :)

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What do You mean Your instrument screen is glitching? Can You describe or record it?

Try turning down your graphics.

Maybe put limit frame rates on?

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Can you provide more information like what are the live instruments actually doing? How have you tried to resolve this issue already? Is this happening with one specific variant? These answers can help us fill in some gaps to get you an answer faster.

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I encountered some glitching on the Tab S3 as well.
I’ll investigate further and will report my findings in the beta group.


I believe this is a recurring issue with some users about flickering screens. I believe the best option is too put off and on the master button in the systems page, it should work. Otherwise, you can privately message schyllberg for further assistance.

do you mean this glitching ?

A fix for this is on the way :)


I encountered this.
Is this the same issue?


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Yes. That is what I am talking about the flickering, changing colors then back to normal.

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That’s it! I’m having the same problem. Thank you!

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It probably is, yes.

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Fantastic! Glad I am not alone. Lol


Is there nothing that can be done about this for the people that this is happening to.
I’m not experiencing any problems myself

I just said…

Ah, Sorry. I did not look.