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Hi I wanted to play infinite flight this morning and I loading up the game I didn’t see anyone flying in live and when I clicked on fly online it’s said we’re having trouble contacting the server please check your internet connection so I did and restarted it and the same thing happened. Can someone plz help me


Hello! Have you tried restarting your wifi router? @AviationFreak

Also, Please read this

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Yep I have done that many times

Ok thanks I will keep that in mind

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Try these steps:
Logout of Infinite Flight
Restart your mobile device
Log back in with your account credentials

If you still don’t have a Live connection then verify these items-

Key Items that you need to confirm:
Ensure that you are connected to the correct WIFI Hz (2.4ghz or 5ghz)
Run a speed test
Confirm that you can connect to webpages via your mobile browser.

*Be certain that you are utilizing your original Live account and ensure that your subscription is not expired.

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Try some of these steps:

  • Try a different internet if available
  • Contacting your service provider
  • Turning airplane mode or wifi on/off in your device settings
  • Testing on a separate device to see if the problem is only occurring on one device
  • Deleting and reinstalling the app

Most likely a internet issue

Hope this helps :)

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This worked for me the last time I had the issue, that is my only suggestion.

Get back to work @Brandon_K


You may want to check this out:

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Any luck with our recommendations?