Live Grading Problem

4! Is where I’m suppose to be as far as my xp and EVERYTHING else is concerned. I’ve had 1 violation at least a week ago, had to ask this SAME question when I was suppose to get my lvl 3. These are my stats. If the violation was a week ago, why is it still being held against me? Please limit replies to IF STAFF.

O yeah, everything else is beyond what I’m suppose to have as far as my lvl4.

It seems you got another violation today and from the same week too. This system rarely glitches

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You still have 1 violation in the past 3 days and today

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Yeah, seems you got a violation withing the last 24 hours. If its incorrect, then contact a moderator or a staff.

I’ve changed the title as 1…2…3…doesn’t help anybody.

You had a violation in the last day. Read the chart man 🙄


Insert facepalm


facepalm inserted

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Violations, you have 1, you cannot have any

The violation was due to an ongoing issue with the 777-300. I’d you engage the AP sometimes you lose control of the aircraft, I was pulling myself out of a stall, which is why I got the overspend. The 777-3 prob needs to be addressed. As well as the 757, doing the exact same thing

If you…engage

Is that a joke? The system rarely glitches? That’s why I hardly ever…ever use the AP. there are glitches everywhere.

Ive used the 777-300ER hundreds of times and never have once exoerienced that.

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Yea same. You might be overweight or WAY too high on approach.

Glad to hear it.

Both of wimhich falls under an error by the operator not FDS


Not if it’s due to the fact when you disengage the AP, on my pro, about 40% of the time you lose control of the aircraft.

Always re-calibrate before disengaging or learn how to use the trim.

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Done that too. Seldom works.