Live+ gone

I have live+ and I got it in January. I went on the infinite flight and I was choosing my plane and it was like if I didn’t have live. The regions were also like that as well.

January 2015 or January 2016?

January 2016

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This issue has been reported, please wait for further information.

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Have fun with us !

It happened to me too, right now

I bought my Live+ subscription in March. I can still fly online but all my planes are gone

Go to the signin spot and “re-sign-in.” That’s happened to me before. You just need to let your app know that your still on live+

This does not work, and has been reported.



It happened to me too, like a month ago. But it’s different now. I can still fly online, but all my planes are gone

The same has happened to me it says my subscription now ends in June 2016 when it should be August and all of my planes have gone that I bought, hopefully you can solve the problem

Try again in a few minutes. Updating the server now.


Cheers matt

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It say’s : Infinite Flight Live ( 1 Month )
Expires June 27 , 2016

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Mm mm. Weired

Problem is fixed! Thank you very much Matt :)

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It works now for me, everything is back to normal. Thanks 👍🏻

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Now this is a really good example of high quality customer service, presented by FDS. 20 minutes after the issue has been reported, the problem been solved!
Thank you very much!

Thank you matt