Hey folks,
I have an idea.

IF should a something like a timetable, a schedule, when ATC will be active where. This could be a daily post on this forum or on Facebook IFFG where is shown which Airport will be opened on a certain time. Lets say you want to fly from LAX to Munich. The schedule will tell you

  1. who controls
  2. when it will open
  3. airport of course
  4. (maybe) the timespan

Now you check your estimated flight time and you see you probably wont make it.
In the same time Dusseldorf is open and you definitely will make it there while ATC is active. So you divert and land there.

What do you think about it?



Maybe but usually ATC just comes online when they have time. Not everyone can schedule when they are going to do ATC.


This is an interesting idea.

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Sure Riley but it helps Flight Planning a lot. Landing into an always empty airport will be boring since there is no AI.


ATC come whenever they want. Also there are Unicom’s. It may be good but I don’t really support this idea.

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Is a good idea but all of us have problem to scheduled time,we have school,work,sports,family… So it’s really difficult to planning a time, generally we open a ATC when we can.


This does not even have the tiniest chance of being implemented.
That would be giving the ATC a certain time when they can control and when they couldn’t.

It is fine as it is now, much less bureaucractic.
Also I don’t actually see an advantage for the pilots nor the controllers in this idea, sorry.


And shouldn’t this be in Features?

If he were a member. [dramatic]DUHN, DUHN, DUHHHHHHHHHNNNNN.

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@Riley_Dunshea is right, they’ll come on when they have time. Let’s say Riley and I are IFATC, we have about a 12 hour difference from each other. I don’t think Riley would be happy waking up at 4 in the morning to control some random Regional Airport. IFATC people don’t just have ATC lives, they have their personal lives that they need to take care of. A schedule for them to be forced to control a unused regional airport is just nonsense. You’ll never know if they need to control while they’re driving or running a marathon.


Good idea, but it will mean they will have to be employed by FDS for them to work on a schedule.

This isn’t possible. IFATCs control when they can where they can. It’s their choice. Forcing them to control wouldn’t work. What if they’re in school? What if they’re at work? There’s a lot of things that wouldn’t work with this idea.

You didnt get the idea at all. Read before writing.
Listen :
Imagine Jack. Jack is 22 years old. Jack works at BMW. He starts working at 7 AM in the morning and finishes work at 4 PM afternoon. Jack plays soccer on Tuesday and Thursday. On Monday and Friday he usually controls on Advanced and starts doing it after having lunch at 7 PM. Because Jack is intelligent he can now plan to open JFK in New York at 7 PM and show people that hes doing so with this feature.
Pilots now know “aha!” JFK will be open at 7 PM, I probably gonna take JFK as my destination for this flight because I can at least expect some traffic. Even when there are just 3 or 4 planes on the ground the airport is alive.

Now tell me where you see something forced or anything bad with it? Your arguments are invalid because you didnt get the idea.

better read before typing, it doesnt give anybody a certain time.

where do I ask for “always atc” ?

@Mats_Edvin_Aaro, do you guys over at VATSIM have any sort of scheduling thing we can emulate? Or do you guys only do that for events?

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As a member of IFATC, I love what we currently have. Jump on when I have some spare time, coordinate openings with other controllers through the ap. It’s a great system. Normally there is always a region open on expert and those of us with some time are open. No need for schedules.

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