Live Flight Unknown Aircraft Image

Who else has noticed the similarity between this picture taken from Live Flight App

and this picture of the disintegration of Space Shuttle Columbia

New aircraft haven’t had their images updated yet so it will show a generic image.

Care to explain Cameron?

I’ve got to admit, very similar indeed.

@Chatta290 @JT_Playz, he is talking about the image similarity between the generic image and Space Shuttle Columbia.

No need to tag staff. The images haven’t been uploaded yet that’s all

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Please don’t tag developers or staff. :)

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He’s not asking that guys… He’s comparing the picture of the LiveFlight image to the Space Shuttle Explosion & wants to see if other people see the comparison and for someone to explain why thats the image picked… He’s the one in the Southwest B737 and he is not a Beta tester.

Also its not Jason. Cameron runs LiveFlight ._.


The person in the plane on Live Flight was me, for reference.

see what comes up for a 737-900 in one of the recently updated liveries

It was a 737

It’s not a beta tester Flying a new aircraft… I can promise you that much 😉


Looks like the image on top is a formation of some sort as the sky is a lighter color than the image from Columbia, not to mention that there is no hint of fire in the first image and it is from a different angle. Although the angle could be from a different image.

I did realize that before I posted it, but it could have been digitally altered for a look not as disturbing. There are also no contrails in Infinite Flight.

The images happen to be similar,your aircraft image has not been updated on liveflight, and therefore is showing as one of the many images Cameron has in his generic.exe folder (he also told me he has a bug.exe folder, don’t know why 🤷)

Is that your question answered? 🙂

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I want to see what Cameron has to say.

He’s quite a busy man (ahem) so he might not get straight back to you 😉

Don’t tag developers! Didn’t you learn from the comment by @JT_Playz??

It’s basic stuff bro

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It’s a photo of contrails. Nothing more than a similarity.


^What Jason said :)

It’s just a pic of 4 aircraft in the cruise above me when I had my camera - and it also happened to be the most convenient “generic” picture of aircraft I had when I first built LiveFlight!