Live flight Subscription

Anyone know how to change my subscription plan for Live flight?

Just wait till the end of your subscription, choose not to auto renew. Then choose a different subscription plan

Then how do I stop auto renew?

On IOS do these steps

Open App Store → click on your photo icon top right → subscriptions → live flight → then cancel sub

If you use Apple, it should be under your Apple ID in Settings. Then there will be a function to see your subscription and then you can choose which subscription plan to use

No that does not work as I have two accounts and there is no subscription under the subscription tab

@M1llard @max777 it is actually not something you purchase through the app store you actually have to go on the live flight website on a desktop and go to settings over there

oh… I’m sorry for providing the wrong information then…so so sorry

no dont worry about it not a huge deal :) just wanted to let you know for the future

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