Live Flight Status on IFC User Profile!

It isn’t impossible to update this automatically in Discourse, there is a way to achieve this now that we have linked accounts in Infinite Flight :) There are other engineering issues making this a bit less straightforward from our end though, and it probably won’t be something we can dedicate time to right now.

It’s a cool side project for someone like @KaiM to try if anybody is interested (like MyFlightRadar24’s embeddable image)

Thanks for the suggestion though!


Oh great, finally a good news!!

Alright I’ve looked into this and will give it a shot. I should have a working prototype within a few weeks and will give it out to a few users before I release publicly. Message me if you have any ideas!


This is undoubtedly a brilliant idea that can be added to the IF.

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I’m the only one who can see it for now because it’s local to my machine. Will deploy in the morning (maybe, I’ve got a busy day tomorrow).


Alright I’m impatient too, I’ve deployed it. Copy and paste this into your profile, replacing USERNAME with your IFC username. Make sure you’ve turned on Show Username In-Flight in your Infinite Flight settings so the app can associate your IFC Name with your User ID. Once this has happened (the first time the image loads) you can turn it back off with no need to worry.

![My Stats](

Keep in mind the entire thing is cached so it’s fast, but that means if you start a flight it can take up to 10 minutes to appear. If you file a flight plan with a departure and destination airport as your first and last waypoints respectively, it will show those too.


Looks terrific Kai! Thanks for your work!

I’ll definitely be keeping this in my profile.


Screenshot 2021-03-06 at 9.08.29 AM

Looks good ! I will fit this in somewhere in the profile.

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This is so amazing! Awesome stuff Kai - very impressive!


Incredible, I’ll put in my profile right now, thank you @KaiM!

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@KaiM u r a legend


Wow! Awesome work @KaiM! Thank you for making this!

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Just added this to mine !!! this is amazing!!

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This looks so good! Although is there anyway I could change the color of it from white to black?


Great work Kai! Already implemented it onto my profile.

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Added this to my profile now. That’s so cool, thank you very much!

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Nice job, Kai! This is super cool. 👏


Awesome job, Kai. You are genuinely a genius!


Quick question. I’m controlling on Expert Server and I looked and it didn’t show I was controlling from your creation. Is there a way if you could make it so it shows that the person is controlling this airport?

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Quick question
Are you able to invert the colors for dark mode users?

Not change for every user if they use light or dark, just make us able to change it for our profile