Live Flight Status on IFC User Profile!

Greetings IFC,

Since we saw the addition of Pronouns on individual profile here on Infinite Flight Community, I had an idea of adding a new “Live Flight Status” of a player on a profile. (This is something similar to Discord where an individual listens to Spotify Music and simultaneously it gets updated on the user’s profile…)

For Example: If i am flying from OMDB to EGLL & if someone on IFC clicks my profile, it would also show my live flight status (extracted from Infinite Flight App) as of that current time!

Here’s how it would look like:

I think adding this feature will enhance the experience of using our community forum. We spent a lot of time here on IFC and getting live flight status right by just clicking on the profile will simple make the task easier rather than locating someone where they are flying on a third-party app or so.


I searched a lot regarding a topic similar to this but i couldn’t find any! If found, feel free to disclose the topic!

⚠️ Edit from DeerCrusher:

For everyone keeping tabs on this progress or just joining us in this topic, this feature is now available. Please carefully review the steps that Kai has posted below.

⏬ V1.1 Latest Update from @KaiM


This is a fantastic Idea would be really nice if you can see where everybody is flying at the moment. but would be nice too if the server are there named too, or the Airline this would be really nice aswell. I like the idea because the is something different. You have definitely my vote! I really like the idea 😉 🛫


Absolutely, it would also be better if they add up the name of the livery & the server, totally agree!
Thank you for your vote… ☺️

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Like the idea… voted!


Thank you for your vote! ☺️ @Murphy

This isn’t exactly possible to my knowledge. While it’s extremely easy to use discourse API to pull the virtual airline organization out, it’s not really possible to incorporate infinite flight API to discourse as it’s pre-built and the code can’t really be touched as it uses Rails, not PHP


Yeah, if the virtual organization thing can get updated on Infinite Flight, i assumed this can be also done reversely! However, i have less knowledge about if it’s possible or not, but i think it can be done…

It cannot be done. Infinite flight had complete control over their game and can incorporate the discourse API. For discourse, they can customize settings, but they can’t really customize incoming API, only outcoming API. Therefore, this is not possible

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Ohh you have better knowledge than me in this field, & i think you are correct! Makes sense though…

Very niceness idea and would be SO good if this was implemented, but gotta agree with @CaptainZac, don’t think it’s possible

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It would be a great idea 💡


Nice Idea Mafia!


Oh that would be cool! You got my vote. Don’t know if it’ll work though.

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Very nice idea, I would like to see this In the IFC

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Such a nice Idea. Mods can track the status when someone is trolling. Just saying

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I can confirm this as both of us are eXpErIeNcEd Discourse personnel. Pretty much explained perfectly by Zac. Discourse can only send out, and not modify in.

For those who aren’t aware this community is not made and fully changeable by Infinite Flight. This is a host software with Infinite Flight being the theme where almost everything in terms of looks and detailed account settings (such as profile and Trust Level requirements) are customizable in the forum only.


Me over here having an internal debate with myself over the question of if this belongs in #features or in #meta.

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I actually remember seeing a similar topic a few months back and brainstorming some ideas on how I could make it work as a third party dev. I think the topic was on having your stats displayed in your profile.

Definitely something I can look into a bit more if people are interested. How about this - I’ll keep an eye on this topic so just like the OP or reply and I’ll check back in a few days and decide whether I should give it a go.


Ahm kinda…

That’s really a good idea. Thank you so much for the effort!
Also, if you need any help i am always there… ☺️

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fantastic idea, but how am i supposed to vote for this? lol