Live flight question

I am on live flight tracking my flight and I was looking at details and saw this

What does ghosts mean might be a dumb question but I don’t know what it means

Ghost is the old name for ATC violations. When reporting someone in the ATC menu, it still says ghost instead of report.

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So I have been reported in the last 3 days?

I guess so. You can double check in game by going to settings > account > view stats > show violation history

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I think it is just a glitch then cuz my last violation was almost a year ago because I forgot to turn on autopilot so when I went to eat my waffles my plane went upside down and crashed

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Would be an interesting NTSB accident report. Pilot left controls to get waffles.


The waffles were worth it lol

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So why didn’t you give me some 😞

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My waffles 😤😤

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