Live flight problem

Well, I’m actually on a flight from KSEA to EGLL and the plane is exiting northeast Canada. I think section of the flight last 5 hours or something like that but live flight app says there are 10 hours remaining and thats imposible because my plane is cruising at 500 knts

P.S I’m at school so I can’t monitor my flight from Ipad

Hello, 500kt is your groundspeed, not Kias. You should be around 230-270 airspeed.

Do you know the weight/do you remember which Airspeed (in Mach) you set.

Yes for sure!
I set .85 and I know it my groundspeed.
My takeoff weight was 280,037 Kg
I mean I think its wrong cause I do this all days and this route is kind of familiar to me

As of right now, you are flying at 439 kn ground speed, which means the time is somewhat accurate. However, the reason it may seem too long is probably because you were flying much faster before, so you covered more ground in less time.

Look this: I’m near iceland and says there are 4.889 NM left so this is incorrect

How many hours you have left for your school?

I’m leaving in forty minutes so its ok

I sometimes get this and I found that it’s due to a waypoint mismatch between LiveFlight and the place you got your waypoints from. So for example one waypoint may show that it is in Asia on LiveFlight so your time to dest will increase accordingly.

Thank you to all of you

But anyways I think this is a problem so a moderator should see this and report it to developers

The developer is @Cameron I’m sure he will check this out and offer you some assistance.


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