Live flight problem

This third party app is useful in its own way however it’s useless when I can’t see where I am going to and how long it will take and the ETE to destination.

Why is this? This app is useful when it works.


Are you using PC or Mobile?

I am using mobile iPhone 6

You may want to contact @Cameron for this issue. He can answer all of your Live Flight question.

Err… yes it does see hear:

You are better off speaking to Cameron about this. Are you using the app or the website?

No it dosnt, look at my original post please. You’ll find that I am speaking about a different section of it.

Cameron broke liveflight…at least that’s what I keep reading here and there. At this point all you can do is wait for liveflight to be updated

Not seeing any issues on my end. Send an email to along with your callsign and screenshots if this happens again

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