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Hi, I wanted to see my flight on live flight tracker but I couldn’t find myself. I checked all the servers twice and checked my connection status to the servers with the little green icon in the top right corner and everything was ok. why I’m I not on the map?

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Yes I do, so it should work

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It should now.

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I still can’t see me on the map.

Oh my bad. Sorry for false information.

When you say live flight tracker, do you mean Live Flight?

Liveflightapp com

that is correct

Is this you?


What’s your call sign, server and where are you? I might be able to see you.

indeed that is me, how come you are able to see me but I’m not?

Can you see other planes on the server?

Yes, but some of the aircrafts come and go. like they disappear
and then appear again

Restart the app if that’s what you are using and look south west of Liberia

I tried it and I found myself, thanks

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Sometimes for me it says it is on expert but it is showing training. If Heathrow is busy your generally look at training since that is really busy on that server. What you should do is flick to and from expert to training then back again. It effectively refreshes what your seeing. Also make sure on the correct server you think your flying on and internet connection

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