Live flight issue

im flying TVSA to KMIA and it pops up as “not set” even though i have it in my waypoint.

it doesnt show u ur destination?

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yes it does

TVSA isnt showing.

what server r u on and whats the closest airport to u ?

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im on expert and closest is MYAP

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sometimes liveflightapp has problems with getting info. but i think we should be getting a update on it soon. Im gonna double check that

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Also is TVSA the first waypoint?

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Yep, it is.

@Cameron sorry to disturb u but i think u said Liveflightapp should be getting a update soon right? not totally sure

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im assuming its a issue on their side since Argyle (TVSA) opened 4 years ago and it should have already been on the website.


Yes, LiveFlight is getting an update soon (doing it in my spare time so hopefully won’t take too long). It’s essentially a full rework so it should solve issues like this


Thank you for taking the time to answer us.

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