Live Flight Horizon

Hi all, I am tracking one of my medium haul flights on live flight horizon and under the user profile section it says that I have a total of 3 violations (they were all 3 over speed related from early crashes on the training server) but that I have 3 ghosts within the last three days. I did recently receive my first level 2 violation but I successfully appealed it. Is it possible that I could have been ghosted and not known about it? I can’t check my replays right now to see if there are any reports since I’m in the middle of a flight. I’m thinking that’s just a glitch or something but I’m wondering if anyone might know why it says that?

It’s a glitch. It says you have been ghosted the exact same amount of times that you have a violation. So in all my years I’ve been flying on IF I have 25 level 1 (over speed or aerobatics etc) and it says I have 25 ATC ghosts as well. I notice the same thing when you check other peoples stats.

Hopefully that helps!


Yes that’s exactly what I was looking for! Thanks! I noticed the same thing when I was looking at other people’s stats

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