Live flight help

So I’m repeatedly moving my joystick after connecting it and nothing is happening. I used to use live flight on windows but I’m now using it on Mac and it’s not working.


I’m just wondering if any of u have any tips or something if it happened to you before thx

The answer to your issue is in the title,

As software updates for Apple / Windows stack on each other, it makes the third party application unusable unless it’s worked on. Like said previously, I’d suggest using the newer and updated MapFlight.

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Map flight also not working for me

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In what ways? I’d contact their developers.

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I already put it in the thread but no response

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Regarding my issue… It’s detected my joystick but when I go to if settings there is not use network joystick and it says connected on map flogjy

I’m still on alpha that’s the latest apparently

Considering you only put it in 19 hours ago, it makes sense, I’d continue waiting for the developer’s response.

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True thx anyway. Do you have any idea of like when the next one would come out they said a month ago soon but like it is still the same from August and there are so many problems


LiveFlight Connect has been discontinued, the app itself and tracker are being worked on, Cameron hasn’t had much time to update stuff though.

I fell like IF should make an app themselves because I know a lot of people have joysticks and stuff especially now. People got some for Christmas ect .

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Just checking, you did select “use networked joystick” correct? And what joystick and what device are you using??

iPhone 8
Mac Air M1

And you did select use networked joystick??

There was no option for it

There is. Look at the picture you provided of your IF settings. Look at the big button at the bottom that says “use networked joystick”. That should allow it to connect.

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Oh sorry I’m getting confused I thought u were talking about map connect . I’m having that prob on map connect

Yes I clicked use network joystick sorry for the confusion. There was no option for map connect

So let me get a few things straight…your joystick still isn’t working? You can’t fly with it?? And what map connect??