Live flight help

Love flight doesn’t show my destination and it’s really frustrating I have a flight plan and nothing shows up. It shows for other people but not me most of the time I need help fixing this

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Try alternating the FPL a little bit so when the server updates next it will pick up the new FPL and hopefully display it.

Ok I’ll try

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Is the last way point the airport you are going too?

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Yeah that’s it

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Is this a issue

How long till it updates

The server

It usually updates every minute, make sure your last WPt is the airport itself

I’ve tried it still nothing

It’s not an issue if you put the airport as the last WPT, only that it might take a few minutes to load

can you send your flightplan>

It’s on my iPad so I have to make it again

Make sure you don’t have WPT at the start of your FPL.

i do that all the time and it’s fine for me

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I took that out

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But just in case, so when you fill out the FPL do you have the departure airport then the fixes the the Arrival airport?

We just fixed it thanks I’ll take note of it now

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Wpt was the problem

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It probably just needed a refresh of the FPL.