Live flight glitch

On live flight, it shows my FPL as me going back and forth from the US and China and it’s all screwed up, but on IF it’s normal. Why does it show up like this on live flight?

Can we see your screen of the route

In infinite flight

This usually occurs, when there is a duplicate waypoint with the same name on the other side of the globe and liveflight may read the wrong one.

It’s most likely because there’s multiple waypoints, and the just shows the first one that shows up.

If you want a more reliable answer, ask @Cameron. He should be able to answer I believe and knows about this issue.

@Cameron Why does it do this?

The live flight app sometimes gets confused with way points and the placement of the way points and shows a return flight as well. Not sure exactly why though.

Alright, well that kind of sucks for long hauls, this was happening last night as well from EHAM-MMMX.

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LiveFlight is a third party application. The support category should only be used for issues related to Infinite Flight.

Was it a support topic and someone changed it?

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