Live Flight Disconnects During Long Haul

Hello everyone. I was doing a long Haul for KIAH-EHAM and when I woke up to land the plane I realized my LFC had been disconnected. Everytime I would restart LFC, I would connect then as soon as I add an
input to the joystick, it disconnects. I have had this problem before. I had to leave my game and lost this whole flight.

help would be appreciated!

edit: The only reason why I think this happened is because during my climb, I left my game for a couple seconds to check if my alarm clock was off. I don’t think this was the reason though because I just hopped on solo and tried the same thing and LFC stayed connected.

Hey Nicholas, sorry to hear you’re having troubles. Check out this help desk website created by the owner, Cameron, and try some of those solutions out. As you say it could be due to leaving the app but best to check these as well to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

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Unfortunately this link wasn’t able to help. My issue wasn’t described here.

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I haven’t had any experience with LFC acting like this so let’s wait and see if a fellow member has had such an issue and has found a way to troubleshoot said issue. Failing that Cameron (Developer) may be able to help out :)

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Yes I have already emailed him as he has helped me with quite a few issues I’ve had!

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I have just flown from EGLL to EHAM, and on final LFC crashed. I had to leave the game. These are even more signs that there is an issue.

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