Live flight connect

I have an iPhone 7 and MacBook Pro running on the same WiFi with live l
Flight connect enabled, yet when I go on LFC on my Mac it says connecting but does it connect any body any ideas

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Are you using VPN? Was it working before?

Only one thing I’d like to add to Williams question:

Do you maybe use a range extender for your WIFI? If so, you have to make sure that both of your devices are connected within the same IP adress.

I use a range at home and I had a similar problem as well. It turned out that Device One was connected with the router while Device Two was connected with the range extender. Although the WIFI seems to be the same, since the extender adapts the name of the WIFI, the IP adresses don‘t match.

I have the same exact problem

Like @Marc range extenders will do it.

Are you using a hotspot or hotel wifi? Sometimes, the block the ports that connect IF to your joystick.

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