Live Flight Connect?

Hey I just wanted to know if the live flight connect is out and how to set it up.

Will have it out at some point next week, stay tuned!


Looking forward to it! :)

@carmalonso Is it out now?

Ditto. Is this out?

Yep it is…

There is a script that will release it automatically on a day very soon. But it monitors the forum and delays it by one day every time someone asks about it.


im trying to connetcs and its not working and im on the same network someone plz help im useing a macbook pro 2015 and a iphone 6

Make sure “Infinite Flight Connect” is enabled in settings in the IF app.


im trying to use live connect but there is a screen saying update and i updated 5 times and the screen is not leaving plz help asap

Do u have OS X 10+?

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Make sure you replace the installed with the new one you download. If the update window keeps on popping up, then it means you haven’t updated it properly :)

any news about update of the app on mac?

Do you mean new AutoNav features?